The Skylark Federation is undergoing the process of redesigning its curriculum. 

See below for a working draft of our 3-year curriculum cycle in History, for a video briefly outlining our curriculum redesign journey so far and for a letter briefly outlining the main changes in our curriculum programme from last academic year, as well as our curriculum statement.

Curriculum Statement 

Our curriculum is built around our children. We follow the National Curriculum which is a blueprint used by schools to ensure that teaching standards are consistent. Schools are free to plan how the National Curriculum fits with their particular strengths and introduce other activities that extend the learning experience for their pupils. The National Curriculum sets out the most important knowledge and skills that every child has a right to learn.

Our school is blocked into three main areas:

Robins Class - Foundation Stage

Lapwings Class, Woodpecker Class - Key Stage One & Key Stage Two (Year Three)

Kingfishers Class & Owls Class - Key Stage Two (Year Four, Five and Six)

As part of the National Curriculum the children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two are taught compulsory subjects including: English, Mathematics, Science, Design Technology, Computing, History, Geography, Art and Design, Music, PE and French.

All schools also have to teach RE, though parents have the right to withdraw children for all or part of the RE curriculum. In addition, we teach Personal, Social and Health Education.

Our parents receive regular curriculum letters from our Class Teachers.

At Plumpton we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme of work for phonics teaching.

In regards to the wider curriculum, we currently have a project-based approach to our curriculum with the main focus being History in Terms 1 & 2, Geography in Terms 3 & 4 and the Arts in Terms 5 & 6. Every child currently receives music lessons from an ESCC music service specialist. 

We are committed to creative learning opportunities and learning outside the classroom whenever and wherever we can. Our learning projects are organised on a three year rolling programme and coverage of the National Curriculum is ensured in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for our children.

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