For detailed guidance on school admissions, including selection and over-subscription criteria, please visit the East Sussex County Council School Admissions team website.

Plumpton Primary School admits children to the Reception Class in the year in which they are five; They can start full time immediately if parents choose.Parents of children who will be entering our Reception class are welcome to attend our Open Days in Term 2, when the school can be seen at work. Parents who would like more detailed discussions are invited to make an appointment with the Executive Head. The School Admissions' preference form needs to be filled in and returned to Plumpton Primary School by the start of February.

Older Children: Places are available in some year groups and parents of older children are also welcome to attend the Open Days to see the school at work or to make an appointment to see the Executive Head. As long as there is an available place, in year admissions are handled by the school itself and applications should be given directly to the school office.

The school currently welcomes pupils from a wide area. However, parents may find it helpful to know that, if there are insufficient places available to meet demand, they will be allocated in accordance with the East Sussex County Council School Admissions rules.

Where a transfer is being requested from a current primary school parents should discuss their intentions with the existing Headteacher first.