About our school

Thank you for visiting the website for Plumpton Primary School in the heart of the beautiful Sussex downs.

Here at Plumpton, we have just over 100 enthusiastic, hard-working and happy children, who enjoy their learning and the challenge of meeting new goals. This is facilitated by a team of highly committed and professional teachers and teaching assistants who work closely together to ensure continuity in the teaching programme throughout the school.

In September 2016, Hamsey Community Primary School and Plumpton Primary School formed a federation of the two schools. The federation has one Executive Headteacher and a governing body who work with dedicated, experienced staff who are committed to providing an outstanding education for all children at our schools. The two schools have their own values and ethos but share the common belief that by working together we can maximise the learning opportunities that we can give to our pupils and staff, and all involved are passionate about providing the very best primary education for all of our children.

 The Federation has established a collaboration with Barcombe Primary School from September 2016, with a view to consulting on a proposed federation between the three schools from September 2017

We have a very clear vision within the federation, striving to provide outstanding education, in partnership with parents/carers and the wider community, leading children to great achievements as they learn and grow, in a safe, caring and friendly community of schools.

This federation between the schools has a wealth of benefits. For the pupils, it enables and encourages excellent teaching and learning through shared experiences; greater access to resources and expertise across the three schools; stability and continuity as best practice from each school is shared and developed upon; and a greater sense of community - getting to know a much wider range of children in the local area. From a parents' perspective, it allows for continued and improved excellence in education in the local area; it strengthens the school's ability to develop, change and improve; it creates a long-term, stable school structure; and it broadens our links with the local and wider community.


Our environment

We are fortunate enough to be situated in one of the most picturesque parts of Sussex, with magnificent views from the school grounds over the South Downs, a mere two miles away. Our outdoor environment is superb, and very safe, allowing for children to develop their independence and important friendship skills with minimal risk. We have a nature-inspired story circle area, an ample allotment which is maintained and managed with the help of Robin Class, and a large outdoor space for the children to play and learn in. Learning outdoors can be very well incorporated into the National Curriculum, and we aim to develop this - weather permitting of course! 

The large playground can accommodate all the children, and our adjacent outdoor play area is popular with all year groups. We have a wide range of equipment which encourages the children to be active. We also have a Quiet Area with tables which is used for creative play and an outdoor classroom. Children in Robin Class also benefit from a secure outdoor learning area and playhouse which are regularly updated and refreshed to reflect the topic and learning focus for the week or term.